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BBC Microbit

BBC Microbit

The micro:bit is a handheld, fully programmable computer being given free to every Year 7 or equivalent child across the UK. It’s 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro computers used in schools in the early 1980s. Buy Accessories, Board & Kits for the Micro Bit here at Proto-PIC.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Rev B, Raspberry PI kits and enclosures are in stock now and available for immediate despatch. Free Technical support is a phone call away!  Why not get started with pi the easy way with our  Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit. Hats and Plates, Cables, Cases, Accessories, Prototyping, Packs, Displays, Computers, Cameras ...



As UK Distributor of SparkFun Electronics we sell EVERY SINGLE Sparkfun item to make your electronic projects possible!

Featured Products - Current Top Sellers
Hakko FX-888D Digital Solder Station

Hakko FX-888D Digital Solder Station£144.00


A Genuine Hakko Digital Solder Station, this has revolutionised our workshop!

Day of the Geek black soldering badge kit - 10 Pack

Day of the Geek black soldering badge kit - 10 Pack£48.00

This is our Geeky take on the day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos badge, this 10 pack is great for classes or clubs and saves you money too!

bat:bit battery case for micro:bit

bat:bit battery case for micro:bit£9.00


Part of our range of micro:bit accessories and add ons, this allows you to power your micro:bit and protect it at the same time, while leaving the edge connector fully usable. This case is made up of acrylic layers and a PCB which wrap around the micro:bit leaving the edge connector exposed but giving you access to 2 AAA batteries without the need for cables..

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3£39.59

Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino

Assembled Data Logging shield for Arduino£6.60


datalog anything from temperature to GPS coordinates with this Datalogging shield designed for the Arduino Platform.

Arduino Uno - R3

Arduino Uno - R3£22.20


With its own hugely popuar programming environment and a massive community behind it, anyone can learn to program with this mainboard. The Arduino UNO has 16 configurable I/O Pins.

Breadboard Power plate DC Jack kit - 10 Pack

Breadboard Power plate DC Jack kit - 10 Pack£18.00

This useful little kit breaks out a DC barrel Jack so you can hook up a power supply to your Breadboard


This is a 10 pack

Power HD Micro Servo HD-1800A

Power HD Micro Servo HD-1800A£7.49

Night light soldering kit - 5 Pack

Night light soldering kit - 5 Pack£48.00

A cute, fun, intermediate soldering kit. This little night light is an easy make.

This 5 pack is perfect for clubs and classes, it also saves you money too!

12V Vacuum Pump

12V Vacuum Pump£16.81


We love this 12v vacuum pump! This pump has enough suction for most small projects, it makes a great vacuum pump for robotics. 0-16" Hg vacuum range, 12V motor.

Lighthouse - Beginners soldering kit - 10 Pack

Lighthouse - Beginners soldering kit - 10 Pack£42.00

The perfect pack for a small group or class that saves you money too!

Premium Jumper Wires for Breadboards or Headers

Premium Jumper Wires for Breadboards or HeadersFrom:  £3.06


We use these wires for everything! They work great with breadboards, Arduinos, and really any 0.1" pitch prototyping board.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3£35.20


With double the RAM of its predecessor the Raspberry Pi 3 is a credit card sized computer deisgned by Computer Science Educators

Stranded Hook-Up Wire Spool Range

Stranded Hook-Up Wire Spool Range£4.62


A Range of 26awg stranded hook-up wire in various colours

Breadboard Power plate USB kit

Breadboard Power plate USB kit£2.16

This cute little kit lets you use a USB micro B cable to power a single breadboard rail at 5V.

Latest Products
Program-O-Tron - Standalone SD Card AVR programmer

Program-O-Tron - Standalone SD Card AVR programmer£54.00


It will make your life easier and save you time. Storing up to 6 hex and fuse file on an SD card all you have to do is pop in the target chip and press the button, wait a few seconds then remove the target. Simple.

Microsoft xbox one HDMI repair

Microsoft xbox one HDMI repair£44.40

HDMI not working on your xbox one? we can help!

Retro console diagnosis service

Retro console diagnosis service£10.00

Have a retro console that's no longer working? we can diagnose and if possible quote a price to fix it.

Sony PS4 fault diagnosis

Sony PS4 fault diagnosis£10.00

Not sure if your PS4 can be fixed? we can find out for you.

Sony PS4 HDMI repair

Sony PS4 HDMI repair£44.40

HDMI not working on your playstation 4? we can help!

Xbox one fault diagnosis

Xbox one fault diagnosis£10.00

Not sure if your xbox one can be fixed? we can find out for you.

0.1mm Enameled Wire

0.1mm Enameled Wire£1.20

0.1MM Copper Wire - Enamel coating easely removed while soldering. 10M length.

4 Channel Touch Sensor

4 Channel Touch Sensor£3.72

4 Channel Capacitive Touch Board

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Since 2009, have been bringing you products from the fantastic design houses of Adafruit Industries, SparkFun Electronics and Pololu Electronics. As official UK Resellers for the Raspberry PI, we offer the full range of Raspberry PI parts and components for hobby electronic enthusiasts and children, the same for the BBC Micro:Bit, the BBC micro:bit can be used for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments - the possibilities are endless. Our in-house team of technical experts are ready to help you with your purchase, we are fluent with Arduino and Raspberry PI languages - if you have an idea for a project then we can help you select the right parts and even help you with the code,


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