Large 10mm bright LEDs in a variety of colours to make your project shine, in stock for same day despatch

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Diffused LED - Green 10mm

Diffused LED - Green 10mm£0.38

Diffused LED - Orange 10mm

Diffused LED - Orange 10mm£0.38

Diffused LED - Red 10mm

Diffused LED - Red 10mm£0.38

Diffused LED - RGB 10mm

Diffused LED - RGB 10mm£0.77

Diffused LED - White 10mm

Diffused LED - White 10mm£0.38

Diffused LED - Yellow 10mm

Diffused LED - Yellow 10mm£0.38

LED - 10mm Cycling RGB (fast)

LED - 10mm Cycling RGB (fast)£1.00

LED - 10mm Cycling RGB (slow)

LED - 10mm Cycling RGB (slow)£1.00

LED Holder - 10mm (COM-11841)

LED Holder - 10mm (COM-11841)£0.38

Super Bright LED Range

Super Bright LED RangeFrom:  £0.60


So you love LEDs but would prefer them to be so bright they hurt to look at directly? These are between 9000-12000MCD, dependant on colour.Great for illuminating your projects in bright lighting situations.


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items
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