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16 key capacitive touch keypad

16 key capacitive touch keypad
 16 key capacitive touch keypad16 key capacitive touch keypad 
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This low cost keypad can give your next project up to 16 capacitive switches using the TTP229 IC. Using only power, ground, and any 2 GPIO pins as clock and data (they are not i2C) on your micro controller.

We have an example Arduino sketch here:

// Use any 2 pins you like - this is NOT I2C ;-)
#define SCL_PIN 8
#define SDO_PIN 9
byte Key;
void setup()
  Serial.println("Cap key board");
  pinMode(SCL_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(SDO_PIN, INPUT);
void loop()
  Key = Read_Keypad();
  if (Key)
byte Read_Keypad(void)
  byte pinCount;
  byte KeyCount = 0;
  for (pinCount = 1; pinCount <= 16; pinCount++)
    digitalWrite(SCL_PIN, LOW);
    if (digitalRead(SDO_PIN) == LOW)
      KeyCount = pinCount;
    digitalWrite(SCL_PIN, HIGH);
  return KeyCount;


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