Proto-PIC - Electronic Component Supplier, based in UK is owned and operated by RelChron Limited which was founded in 2006.

We started the company to develop a product for the Oil Industry, a HydroStatic Pressure Testing System, which is still in wide use today.

During the development of this system, we accrued a whole pile of electronic goodies that we decided to sell on ebay to recoup some of the money we had spent. The items sold so fast we realised that there was a real need in the UK to buy electronics at good prices. We maxed out our credit cards and bought up lots of parts we thought there would be a need for in the UK and was born.

We buy electronics for the UK Maker Community in bulk from reputable suppliers only, generally from the USA. Buying in bulk allows us to be able to take care of all the Import tasks and paying Duty so the products can be available to customers in the UK on a super quick turnaround.

Our favorite supplier has to be Sparkfun Electronics in the US. They have been with us right from the beginning. Some of their components were in the original revision of our Pressure Testing System and they were the first guys we bought our first big (huge) order from to stock the place up. We sell every item that Sparkfun sell, unless its illegal to sell in the UK (some radio products are banned as they interfere with our wavelengths over here). Even if we are sold out of the item, we can get parts from them within 48 hours - if we place the order on Monday afternoon - it will generally be here Wednesday morning - that's pretty awesome!.

We knew that we had the ability and love of the products to be able to create some of our own. Our first in-house developed product was the Proto-PIC Arduino Starter Kit. We have sold over 10,000 of these to date. We now have a full range of products that are our own concept and design.

Our tech support team are fluent in Arduino C and can help with any aspect of design, code or assembly of your project.

The BBC Micro:bit is an ARM based embedded system developed by the BBC for use in education. It is aimed at getting kids into electronics - something very close to our hearts here - and can be programmed via a web interface. It has LEDs mounted on the board so kids can make scrolling messages or simple graphics. They can even connect up other things like temperature sensors using the croc clip rings on the board. We were really excited when we saw this and have lots of BBC micro:bit goodies in stock.

One of the things we learnt fairly quickly when we started out is that Packing efficiency is key. If you are selling fairly high value, fairly fragile parts - you want to pack them fast but protect them well. I was always concerned about ordering parts from websites and paying top money for shipping only for them to arrive having been dropped into a 7p Jiffy bag. We wanted to do something different. So we did our research and we have sent all our smaller orders in plastic boxes, since about 2010. This costs us a bit more, but we would be happier knowing that your items are extremely well protected during transit and just generally look nicer when you receive them. The boxes are meant to be reused by the customer, they can be used for storage - or can even be drilled and cut to make a nice enclosure. - We got such a great response from our boxes we now sell them as a stock item on the website.

Buying things online is meant to be a happy time, every day is like Christmas! So with that in mind, we now send all of our orders out with a bag of free Haribo. This stems from the fact that I love Haribo, so I assume everyone does too - and also it creates some nice extra padding inside the box!


Our company registration number is SC298119 and our VAT registration number is 880518413

Our postal address is: 

RelChron Limited
Unit 17, Kirkcaldy Enterprise Centre
Myregormie Place
Mitchelston Industrial Estate




Our registered address is:


RelChron Limited

C/O Harley Hepburn

28 Townsend Place



Great service
Thursday, 23 February 2017  |  Darren

Really speedy delivery, good price and a quality product. Will definitely buy from proto-pic again.

Great Product - Great Service!
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Trevor

This MAX3232 Beakout is easy to hook up and still very small. Delivery service was great. No need to check on where my order is - I know it will be here within a day or two. I find Proto-Pic - a joy to order from.

Came pre-charged. Nice!
Friday, 17 February 2017  |  Jeroen

Does what it says on the tin, nice and compact.

Amended review -A Stunner!
Friday, 17 February 2017  |  Edwin

I complained at the lack of a pin-out on the green version. This has now been quickly amended so I'm happy to fully endorse this version.. Couple this with the Adafruit Push-button Power Switch Breakout (prise off the fitted simple push switch) and you can make a great Pi start-up/shutdown switch (you need to use the KILL pin and link a script to /etc/rc0.d/S80gpio_poweroff_signal to finally safely kill all the power.)

Lovely Product-Shame about lack of pin-outs
Wednesday, 15 February 2017  |  Edwin

I really did want to give this 5 stars, but almost indescernible markings and a lack of a pin-out for its FIVE connections results in a generous 2 Stars

Excellent product
Tuesday, 14 February 2017  |  Stephen

I had a 120v model when I was in the US and upgraded it for 240v when I moved back to USA. I had gotten by for 20+ years with conventional soldering irons, but was never truly satisfied with the work I did with them. I eventually decided to check out the FX-888D and took the plunge. I really can't say enough good things about it - the difference from my old iron is unbelievable. The control and precision thanks to the digital feedback, combined with its rapid heating means you can do good work at speed. Yes, it is a lot of money, but the reward is definitely worth it.

Soldering Iron Bits
Tuesday, 14 February 2017  |  Ivan

Fast service just the items I was looking for.
5Atar service

Hook up wire assortment
Monday, 13 February 2017  |  Ian

A really usefull assortment of wire all in a box just ready to pull off to the required length and cut.

Get RGB instead of RG rotary encoder
Sunday, 12 February 2017  |  Richard

The RGB is a better device. The Leds on the RGB go to the VCC rail, whereas those on the RG and the switch go to ground. Thus on the RG device the switch goes to ground, but the encoder recommended circuit shows these switches going to Vcc. The RGB device is a cleaner design im my opinion.

A well thought out product
Sunday, 12 February 2017  |  John

The BBC Micro:bit is an excellent platform for experimenters of all ages to learn how to code. The only weak link is its power supply system, the JST connection from the battery box to the micro:bit is difficult to remove for both small and larger fingers and it is the only method by which the board can be turned off. The leads would be very difficult to repair if they were pulled on instead of gripping the small JST plug. Proto-PIC's bat:bit gets over the above problem and also packages the BBC micro:bit into a very well protected unit, complete with an on/off switch.

I actually purchased two of the bat:bits and assembled the first one having watched the YouTube video on how to construct it. All was well when I switched it on with a brand new micro:bit running its demo sequence. It then began to display intermittent break ups on the LEDs. I decided to take it apart to see what may be causing this problem and noticed that the mating of the bat:bit's sprung battery terminals to the micro:bit's pads needs to be accurate. The perspex parts have been made to a tight tolerance to ensure that this accurate mating takes place. I then reassembled the bat:bit by first doing up all the nuts by hand as recommended but this time I finally tightened the nuts with the supplied tool by selecting diagonally opposite ones. The idea came from tightening car cylinder head nuts in a previous life when the sequence was crucial. From that moment on and three weeks down the line both of my bat:bits have performed faultlessly, having ensured that all component parts are properly centered by the even tightening of the very nice rounded nuts. It is great to see steel nuts and bolts in this design too, I personally don't like the wide usage of nylon equivalents, accepting of course that there are sometimes electrical reasons for having to use them. This is yet another well thought out design from Proto-PIC.

Proto-PIC - UK Distributor of Sparkfun, Arduino, Adafruit, BBC Micro Bit electrical componentsProto-PIC ; UK Distributor of Sparkfun, Arduino, Adafruit, BBC Micro Bit electrical components