Breadboard Baseplate

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How to properly solder breakaway headers onto a Breakout Board.


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5mm Mega Bright White LED

5mm Mega Bright White LED£0.44

Big Dome Push Button

Big Dome Push Button£12.00

temp:bit - TMP36 Temperature sensor kit for BBC micro:bit

temp:bit - TMP36 Temperature sensor kit for BBC micro:bit£6.00   £4.80

Breadboard Power plate USB kit

Breadboard Power plate USB kit£2.16

Night Light Soldering Kit

Night Light Soldering Kit£12.00

Arduino 1Sheeld plus

Arduino 1Sheeld plus£42.00

Lighthouse - Beginners soldering kit

Lighthouse - Beginners soldering kit£6.90

Moisture Sensor for micro:bit

Moisture Sensor for micro:bit£9.00