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This video shows how to hook up a 5VDC 512 Step motor toArduinouino, using an EasyDriver stepper board. Here is a link to the code used in this demo.
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Cherry MX Switch Breakout

Cherry MX Switch Breakout£0.72

Jumper Wire - 0.1'', 3-pin, 12''

Jumper Wire - 0.1", 3-pin, 12"£1.80

Long Pin Female Stackable Header Range

Long Pin Female Stackable Header RangeFrom:  £0.11

Micro Metal Gearmotor 100:1

Micro Metal Gearmotor 100:1£14.72

2N7000 N-Channel MOSFET

2N7000 N-Channel MOSFET£0.14

SOT23 to DIP Adapter

SOT23 to DIP Adapter£0.79

Lighthouse - Beginners soldering kit

Lighthouse - Beginners soldering kit£6.00

12V Vacuum Pump

12V Vacuum Pump£16.81

Breadboard Power plate DC Jack kit

Breadboard Power plate DC Jack kit£2.16