We have a large range of audio cable and connectors, like 3.5mm stereo jacks and cables to add to your audio project

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MP3 Trigger

MP3 Trigger£47.40

WAV Trigger

WAV Trigger£45.84

Si4703 FM Tuner Basic Breakout

Si4703 FM Tuner Basic Breakout£18.80

Audio-Sound Breakout - WTV020SD

Audio-Sound Breakout - WTV020SD£18.34

SparkFun Sound Detector

SparkFun Sound Detector£11.82

Breakout Board for ADMP401 MEMS Microphone

Breakout Board for ADMP401 MEMS Microphone£9.94

Mono Audio Amp Breakout - TPA2005D1

Mono Audio Amp Breakout - TPA2005D1£7.26

TTRS 3.5mm Jack Breakout

TTRS 3.5mm Jack Breakout£3.82

Audio Jack Breakout

Audio Jack Breakout£0.82


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items

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