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The BBC micro:bit is a tiny little computer, that is easy to program and small enough to fit in your pocket. It has built in Bluetooth , motion detection, a  compass,  and an LED display.  We manufacture our own range of micro:bit Accessories and Kits right here in sunny Scotland.

Coding with the BBC microbit is a breeze. The Microsoft PXT system, allows you to either write code in micropython if you know it, or use a drag and drop based approach using a series of "blocks". Although initially aimed at kids, the microbit is proving really popular with the whole maker community.

We have a full range of micro:bit accessories here at Proto-PIC. From the incredibly colourful micro:pixel - a neopixel add on for the micro:bit, to the exhi:bit board - a development system board that breaks out all the pins of the micro:bit and makes classroom management of projects a breeze!  We have micro:bit 3D CAD resources available here

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exhi:bit DIY Daughter board

exhi:bit DIY Daughter board£5.00

flip:bit reverser for micro:bit

flip:bit reverser for micro:bitFrom:  £6.00

Prototyping System for the BBC Micro:bit

Prototyping System for the BBC Micro:bit£14.99

Simon:Says for micro:bit

Simon:Says for micro:bit£13.20

SMT Edge connector for micro:bit

SMT Edge connector for micro:bit£1.99

SparkFun moto:bit

SparkFun moto:bit£16.80

Starter Pack for Proto-PIC exhi:bit

Starter Pack for Proto-PIC exhi:bitFrom:  £28.80

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Proto-PIC are official resellers of the BBC Micro Bit and our in-house team of technical experts can help you with your purchase; not sure what to buy, need help with your Micro Bit project - Contact us now. Buy Accessories, Board & Kits for the Micro Bit here at Proto-PIC.