Become A Reseller

Are you interested in becoming a Proto-PIC distributor, but not sure if you qualify?

  • Are you an online or physical store that would like to distribute our products? Are you a hackerspace?
  • Can you place orders of £250 or more (not including shipping) each time?

If so, or you have any queries, fill out the form on our contact page.

For your application to be successful, you will first need to create an account on our store. If you are a VAT registered European business please include your company registration number and VAT registration number on the application.

We are especially interested in resellers in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, US and Canada for our micro:bit range of products.


Design and Assembly

Have you got an idea for a great gadget, but don't have the knowledge or skills to complete the design? Or designed a circuit, and want it turned into a professional PCB? - then contact our Engineers!

We can also assemble kits purchased from our store for you, Write Arduino sketches, provide design consultancy, and can even program a wide range of Atmel AVR chips as well as PICs.

To take advantage of this service, contact us on 01592 572094 or with your requirements.