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How to Assemble the Temp:bit



First of all you need to check the content of your kit which is easy as it only contains the PCB and a tmp36 sensor.

You will also require the following parts:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Flush cutters or snips

Step 1.

Taking the tmp36 as shown, you need to bend the two outer pins as shown below.


Taking the tmp36 as shown above you need to bend the two outer pins as shown below.

temp bit tutorial 2

Step 2.

Place the tmp36 through the holes as shown below.


Now taking the heated soldering solder all 3 pins to the board as shown below.


Step 3.

Taking your cutters snip the legs away taking care as the legs can fly off with some force. Placing a finger on the end of the leg when cutting can reduce the risk of flying legs!

You are now done. You can click here to view our tutorial on how to use the tmp:36 with a micro:bit. Please note this was before we released the board and shows just the sensor.

temp bit tutorial 5

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Exhi:bit Assembly Guide

exhi-bit Pedestrian Crossing experiment board


This guide will show you how to assemble the pedestrian crossing project board for the exhi:bit prototyping system for micro:bit. We also show you a quick demo of it running at the end. Please note the Red LEDs look orange in this video, that’s due to the camera and lighting used.

You can view the code here: