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Amp:bit Headphone and Speaker Add On

Tutorial Description   This short video introduces the amp:bit. This product is the easiest way to hook up a set of headphones or speakers to your BBC micro:bit. Simply plug the micro:bit into the amp:bit and then plug in your headphones! Alternatively, you can solder a PC speaker directly to… Read More »

Categories: Microbit Tutorials

Simon Says Board for BBC Micro:bit

Tutorial Description   This video introduces the simon:says board for micro:bit. The fully assembled add-on board helps to turn your micro:bit into a Simon Says game. Simply program it and you’re good to go!  

Categories: Microbit Tutorials

Micro:bit Distance Reader with Haptic Feedback

One cold and blustery morning, Ewan had an idea! “How about using a micro:bit with a distance sensor and a haptic feedback driver to create an Electronic “white stick”. This task was handed to myself, and after reading a few data sheets, I designed a circuit and then a PCB… Read More »

Categories: Microbit Tutorials
micro:pixel Edge 1x10 WS2812B Board for micro:bit

Micro:Pixel Edge for BBC Micro:bit

Tutorial Description   This short video shows you the micro :pixel EDGE a micro :bit accessory which makes your micro :bit into a full colour torch. It also shows you how simple it is to program using PXT.

Categories: Microbit Tutorials


Tutorial Description   This video gives you an introduction to the OctoSnap the breakaway header pin snapper! There’s no need to count the pins and use pliers, just insert the header strip into the OctoSnap and snap the correct number of pins out.

Categories: Microbit Tutorials