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Soldering Tutorial

Soldering Tutorial – How to Solder Here’s a beginner’s guide to soldering tutorial. From this you’ll learn how to solder. If you want to make anything that involves an Arduino, raspberry pi or any kind of circuitry, the odds are that you are going to have to solder something to… Read More »

Categories: Soldering Kit Tutorials

Day of the Geek Badge

This is a short guide on how to assemble the day of the geek badge. First up you need to check that you have everything you need: Included: Skull PCB 20mm Battery holder LEDs Pin back Not included: CR2032 Battery Soldering Iron Solder Pliers Flush cutters Step 1. Place the… Read More »

Categories: Halloween, Soldering Kit Tutorials

Nightlight Kit

Tutorial Description This short video, we will show you how to assemble our Nightlight soldering kit. This is an intermediate (not an intermittent) soldering kit due to the mechanical construction of the box part of the kit. This should take from 10-30 minutes to assemble.

Categories: Soldering Kit Tutorials

Arduino Breadboard Kit

Tutorial Description In this video, we show you how to build our Arduino compatible breadboard kit. We also show you how to use an FTDI board to upload a sketch.

Categories: Soldering Kit Tutorials

About Soldering

Soldering is one of the most fundamental skills needed to dabble in the world of electronics. The two go together like peas and carrots. And, although it is possible to learn about and build electronics without needing to pick up a soldering iron, you’ll soon discover that a whole new… Read More »

Categories: Soldering Kit Tutorials
heART - a beating heart surface mount soldering kit

Surface Mount Soldering Kit

Tutorial If you would like to purchase the products in this video, click the associated product. Description   This video will show you how to assemble our heart kit. The kit is a great introduction to surface mount hand soldering. The kit contains: 5 x 0805 LEDs, 1 x 0805… Read More »

Categories: Soldering Kit Tutorials