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Compass 2-Axis Integrated Solution - HMC6352
 Compass 2-Axis Integrated Solution - HMC6352Compass 2-Axis Integrated Solution - HMC6352 

Compass 2-Axis Integrated Solution - HMC6352

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The Honeywell HMC6352 is a fully integrated compass module that combines 2-axis magneto-resistive sensors with the required analog and digital support circuits, and algorithms for heading computation. Rumor is that Honeywell took all the tricks up their sleeve and created the HMC6352 using the HMC1052 core, a Microchip PIC core, and a combination of MOSFET and OpAmp circuitry. This chip is simple to use and gives you magnetic heading down to the last degree.


  • Simple I2C interface
  • 2.7 to 5.2V supply range
  • 1 to 20Hz selectable update rate
  • True drop-in solution
  • 0.5 degree heading resolution
  • 1 degree repeatability
  • Supply current : 1mA @ 3V


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