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Fuse 5mm 250V 200mA
Fuse 5mm 250V 200mAFuse 5mm 250V 200mAFuse 5mm 250V 200mA

Fuse 5mm 250V 200mA

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SKU:  PPCOM-10165
Part Number:  COM-10165
Brand:  SparkFun

This is a glass ferrule type fuse. It fits great with our 5mm fuse clips. The fuse is rated for 250VAC, up to 200mA. Fuses are pretty simple, if more than 200mA pass through the fuse, the small filament inside the fuse heats up and breaks (like a light bulb burning out). The circuit is then broken and hopefully your circuit is saved from molten destruction.

For smaller loads, you may want to checkout a PTC (aka resettable fuse) listed below. They handle less current (500mA) but can be set and reset many times without doing harm to your system.

This is a perfect replacement fuse in case you blow the fuse in your SparkFun digital multimeter. Not sure how to replace the fuse? Checkout our How to use a multimeter tutorial.


  • 250mA max @ 250VAC
  • Glass Cartridge

Dimensions: 5 x 20mm


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