Radio Telemetry modules, Wixel Units, easy Radio modules and UAV comms parts we have a large range of RF wireless products for your project

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Copper Tape - 2'' (50ft)

Copper Tape - 2" (50ft)£17.57

RS232 Shifter SMD

RS232 Shifter SMD£9.17

RS232 Shifter SMD No DB9

RS232 Shifter SMD No DB9£9.17

Breadboard Power Supply USB - 5V/3.3V

Breadboard Power Supply USB - 5V/3.3V£7.64

Breadboard Power Supply 5V/3.3V

Breadboard Power Supply 5V/3.3V£7.46

Heat Shrink Kit

Heat Shrink Kit£6.11

High Temperature Adhesive Tape - (1cm, 33m)

High Temperature Adhesive Tape - (1cm, 33m)£4.58

Half-size breadboard

Half-size breadboard£4.20

Theragrip Thermal Tape

Theragrip Thermal Tape£3.82

Terminal Block - 6 Position (15A, 600V)

Terminal Block - 6 Position (15A, 600V)£3.06

0.1mm Enameled Wire

0.1mm Enameled Wire£1.20

Alligator Clips - Toothless

Alligator Clips - Toothless£0.94

Heatsink TO-220

Heatsink TO-220£0.90

JST Right Angle Connector

JST Right Angle Connector£0.74

Alligator Clips

Alligator Clips£0.37

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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items

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