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GS407 Breakout Board
GS407 Breakout BoardGS407 Breakout BoardGS407 Breakout Board
GS407 Breakout BoardGS407 Breakout Board

GS407 Breakout Board

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Brand:  SparkFun

This is a breakout board to allow simple access to the tightly pitched pins on the GS406 and GS407 GPS units. This board breaks out all of the necessary pins to a row of standard 0.1" spaced header to allow for easy bread boarding and simple connection.

Note: TXO and RXI are labeled according to the GS407 datasheet, which is from the point of view of the MCU. Therefore, TXO should connect to TX on your microcontroller, and RXI should connect to RX.

Note: This is not compatible with the newer GS407 module, as it uses a different connector completely. Please check to make sure this board will work with your module. ktxbai!


Replaces: BOB-09945

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