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IC Socket Swiss Pin 18 Pin DIP 0.3"

IC Socket Swiss Pin 18 Pin DIP 0.3''
 IC Socket Swiss Pin 18 Pin DIP 0.3''IC Socket Swiss Pin 18 Pin DIP 0.3'' 
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Part Number:  18SWISS03
Brand:  Proto-PIC

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Okay, these are pretty special..


One of our guys here has been moaning for AGES about the fact that we werent selling some really good quality DIP sockets.

We have the spring clamp type - and they are pretty decent if you want a cheap and cheerful socket, but these Turned Pin, or Swiss Round Pin Sockets as they are called, are the total business!!


The quality of the internal clamp means that you will have a robust connection to each pin of your IC for a very long time.

The cheaper spring clamp type tends to lead to the IC  "walking" out of its socket over time.

You can test this for yourself, if you have an old board lying around your workshop with the spring clamp type sockets, by pressing gently onto the chip. The chances are you will hear and feel the chip creak back into the socket. Its surprising how much they move over time.


In short, if you want to design a board with quality parts that will withstand the test of time, then use these Swiss Round Pin Sockets


This particular listing is for an 18 Pin DIP version 0.3" so it will fit something like a PIC16F8X, basically anything with an 18 PIN DIP 0.3" body!

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