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SMT Edge connector for micro:bit

SMT Edge connector for micro:bit£2.50

This SMT edge connector with locating columns is perfect for the micro:bit

bat:bit battery case for micro:bit

bat:bit battery case for micro:bit£9.00

Power your micro:bit and protect it at the same time, while leaving the edge connector fully usable. This case is made up of acrylic layers and a PCB which wrap around the micro:bit leaving the edge connector exposed but giving you access to 2 AAA batteries without the need for cables.

Starter Pack for Proto-PIC exhi:bit

Starter Pack for Proto-PIC exhi:bit£36.00  -  £48.50

This starter pack includes everything you need to get started with the exhi:bit board. It includes the exhi:bit and loads of components to start prototyping your very own creations.

SparkFun nRF52832 Breakout

SparkFun nRF52832 Breakout£18.00

SparkFunís nRF52832 Breakout provides easy access to all of the chipís features.

exhi:bit Pedestrian Crossing experiment board

exhi:bit Pedestrian Crossing experiment board£10.00  (1)

This handy kit has everything you need to get a working Pedestrian crossing, Pre-built or DIY.

exhi:bit perma proto board

exhi:bit perma proto board£5.00

Make your micro:bit project permanent with this perma breadboard for the exhi:bit prototyping system for micro:bit.

Complete Inventor's Kit For BBC micro:bit

Complete Inventor's Kit For BBC micro:bit£37.00

Contains all the micro:bit accessories you need to get coding in no time! includes an inventors kit - with guide book, micro:bit computer and more!

Starter Pack For BBC micro:bit

Starter Pack For BBC micro:bit£16.80  (1)

A great value way to get started with the BBC micro:bit, this kit includes the micro:bit computer and all the essential items like a battery pack and USB cable

exhi:bit Prototyping system for micro:bit

exhi:bit Prototyping system for micro:bit£25.50  (3)

Get your micro:bit ready for an exhibition with the exhi:bit! Take your project from prototype to permanent installation.

Adafruit Ethernet FeatherWing

Adafruit Ethernet FeatherWing£19.90

If you want to network your Adafruit Feather board, but would prefer to use hard wires rather than wireless, this feather wing is for you.

Micro metal gear motor pair with wheels and brackets.

Micro metal gear motor pair with wheels and brackets.£21.00

A great pair of metal gear motors including wheels and brackets.

Loctite Multicore Solder

Loctite Multicore Solder£5.99

This high quality solder has internal flux cores to make soldering a dream.

HAKKO Replacement Solder Sponge

HAKKO Replacement Solder Sponge£4.99

Official Hakko replacment sponge for the Hakko FX-888 Soldering station.

Premium Jumper Wires for Breadboards or Headers

Premium Jumper Wires for Breadboards or Headers£3.06  -  £35.15  (7)

We use these wires for everything! They work great with breadboards, Arduinos, and really any 0.1" pitch prototyping board.

micro:pixel 4x8 WS2812B board for BBC micro:bit

micro:pixel 4x8 WS2812B board for BBC micro:bit£17.78  (4)

Give your micro:bit a disco vibe with this WS2812B (also known as neopixels) add on board.

Super Bright LED Range

Super Bright LED Range£0.38  -  £1.52

So you love LEDs but would prefer them to be so bright they hurt to look at directly? These are between 9000-12000MCD, dependant on colour.Great for illuminating your projects in bright lighting situations.

UP 3D Printer Filament

UP 3D Printer Filament£18.00

Give your next 3D print a splash of colour with these official TierTime 500g spools of filament, compatable with all UP3D/TierTime 3D printers.

Screw Terminals

Screw Terminals£0.40  -  £0.95  (3)

Screw Terminals can make a very simple way of connecting a PCB to a wire harness. We have these in 3.5mm and 5mm Pitch. 5mm will fit into standard Vero or Perf Boards, but 3.5mm are nice and compact for your own custom PCBs.

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Page 1 of 1:    18 Items

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