LilyPad Boards

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LilyPad MP3

LilyPad MP3£45.84

ProtoSnap - LilyPad Development Simple

ProtoSnap - LilyPad Development Simple£45.84

LilyPad SimpleSnap

LilyPad SimpleSnap£25.20

LilyPad Arduino Simple Board

LilyPad Arduino Simple Board£19.86

LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board

LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board£18.34

ProtoSnap - LilyTwinkle

ProtoSnap - LilyTwinkle£18.34

Lilypad FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V

Lilypad FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V£13.84

LilyPad Accelerometer ADXL335

LilyPad Accelerometer ADXL335£13.75

LilyPad Vibe Board

LilyPad Vibe Board£12.23

LilyPad Simple Power (DEV-11893)

LilyPad Simple Power (DEV-11893)£9.00



LilyPad Buzzer

LilyPad Buzzer£8.26

LilyPad Light Sensor

LilyPad Light Sensor£7.48

LilyPad Tri-Color LED

LilyPad Tri-Color LED£7.34

LilyPad Temperature Sensor

LilyPad Temperature Sensor£5.20



LilyPad Slide Switch

LilyPad Slide Switch£3.71

LilyPad Reed Switch

LilyPad Reed Switch£2.75

LilyPad Button Board

LilyPad Button Board£1.28


Page 1 of 1:    20 Items
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