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This video gives you an introduction to the OctoSnap the breakaway header pin snapper! There's no need to count the pins and use pliers, just insert the header strip into the OctoSnap and snap the correct number of pins out.


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5mm Mega Bright White LED

5mm Mega Bright White LED£0.44

Big Dome Push Button

Big Dome Push Button£12.00

temp:bit - TMP36 Temperature sensor kit for BBC micro:bit

temp:bit - TMP36 Temperature sensor kit for BBC micro:bit£6.00   £4.80

Breadboard Power plate USB kit

Breadboard Power plate USB kit£2.16

Moisture Sensor for micro:bit

Moisture Sensor for micro:bit£9.00

12V Vacuum Pump

12V Vacuum Pump£16.81

Stranded Hook-Up Wire Spool Range

Stranded Hook-Up Wire Spool Range£4.62

Starter Pack for Proto-PIC exhi:bit

Starter Pack for Proto-PIC exhi:bitFrom:  £28.80