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Lighthouse – Beginners soldering kit

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Do you want to try your hand at soldering or brush up on your soldering skills? Then why not try our lighthouse soldering kit? The PCB comes in 2 parts: the main PCB, where you solder the 11 components; and the base PCB, which slots into the bottom of the light house and with a couple of blobs of solder gives your lighthouse a strong and stable stand.

Once soldered this will emulate an Isophase lighthouse but fear not all you lovers of Occulting lighthouses by changing the value of the resistors you can change the flashing pattern.

Please note: We do not include a battery but you can add one above. Due to shipping regulations the only shipping method available if you do add one will be DPD as the Royal Mail DO NOT carry Lithium batteries and will destroy packages containing them.

What you will need:

  • A soldering Iron, we recommend a variable temperature soldering station such as our Hakko FX-888D.
  • Solder with flux core(s)
  • Flush cutters
  • Eye protection, flying legs can hurt!
  • 1 x CR2032 Battery

Kit contains:

  • 1 x 220 ohm resistor ( Red, Red, Black)
  • 1 x 82k ohm resistor (Grey, Red, Orange)
  • 2 x 220k ohm resistors (Red, Red, Yellow)
  • 2 x 2N3904 NPN Tansistors
  • 1 x Power switch
  • 1 x CR2032 battery holder (battery not included)
  • 2 x 10uF Capacitors
  • 1 x Lighthouse PCB
  • 1 x Stand PCB
  • 1 x White LED


  • PDF step by step Guide
  • Step by Step guide Web
  • Schematic


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  1. Harry Weston

    An excellent kit, but it could be further improved with more details in the guide:
    1) a circuit diagram
    2) Type, part number, of transistors
    and Value of the capacitors in the component list.
    It would be nice to have an explanation of how the isophase duty cycle is achieved.
    For a beginner in soldering it should also mention:
    3) say that it needs flux cored solder
    4) need to keep the tip clean and shiny with a damp sponge or brass wool (If these are covered elsewhere then I apologise for not realising that):

  2. Glyn Harper

    A lovely kit suitable for children aged 9 or 10 upwards. Myself and my son had a lot of fun soldering this kit and he has something ‘real’ to show for his work. Very happy. 🙂

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