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  • PWM Control Circuit TL494CN

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    Brand: Proto-PIC
    Part Number: 296-1799-5-ND
    SKU: PPTL494CN
    Barcode: 5055421054915
    • Complete PWM Power-Control Circuitry
    • Uncommitted Outputs for 200-mA Sink or Source Current
    • Output Control Selects Single-Ended or Push-Pull Operation
    • Internal Circuitry Prohibits Double Pulse at Either Output
    • Variable Dead Time Provides Control Over Total Range
    • Internal Regulator Provides a Stable 5-V Reference Supply With 5% Tolerance
    • Circuit Architecture Allows Easy Synchronization



    The TL494 incorporates all the functions required in the construction of a pulse-width-modulation (PWM) control
    circuit on a single chip. Designed primarily for power-supply control, this device offers the flexibility to tailor the
    power-supply control circuitry to a specific application.
    The TL494 contains two error amplifiers, an on-chip adjustable oscillator, a dead-time control (DTC) comparator,
    a pulse-steering control flip-flop, a 5-V, 5%-precision regulator, and output-control circuits.
    The error amplifiers exhibit a common-mode voltage range from –0.3 V to VCC – 2 V. The dead-time control
    comparator has a fixed offset that provides approximately 5% dead time. The on-chip oscillator can be bypassed
    by terminating RT to the reference output and providing a sawtooth input to CT, or it can drive the common
    circuits in synchronous multiple-rail power supplies.
    The uncommitted output transistors provide either common-emitter or emitter-follower output capability. The
    TL494 provides for push-pull or single-ended output operation, which can be selected through the output-control
    function. The architecture of this device prohibits the possibility of either output being pulsed twice during
    push-pull operation.
    The TL494C is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C. The TL494I is characterized for operation from
    –40°C to 85°C.

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