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SparkFun SEN-13285 PIR Motion Sensor (JST)

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Brand: SparkFun
Part Number: SEN-13285
SKU: PPSEN-13285
Barcode: 5055421076658

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SparkFun SEN-13285 PIR Motion Sensor (JST)

This is a simple to use motion sensor. Power it up and wait 1-2 seconds for the sensor to get a snapshot of the still room. If anything moves after that period, the ‘alarm’ pin will go low.

This unit works great from 5 to 12V (datasheet shows 12V). You can also install a jumper wire past the 5V regulator on board to make this unit work at 3.3V. Sensor uses [email protected]

The alarm pin is an open collector meaning you will need a pull up resistor on the alarm pin. The open drain setup allows multiple motion sensors to be connected on a single input pin. If any of the motion sensors go off, the input pin will be pulled low.

We’ve finally updated the connector! Gone is the old “odd” connector, now you will find a common 3-pin JST! This makes the PIR Sensor much more accessible for whatever your project may need. Red = Power, White = Ground, and Black = Alarm.


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1 review for SparkFun SEN-13285 PIR Motion Sensor (JST)

  1. Kevin Young

    The sensor works well. Great value

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