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Starter Pack for Proto-PIC exhi:bit

£41.77 inc VAT (£34.81 ex VAT)

Brand: Proto-PIC

If you are looking to get started prototyping with the exhi:bit board for the BBC micro:bit, our starter packs for exhi:bit have everything you need under one roof.

We include a whole pile of goodies and components so you can start learning, and of course we include a perma proto daughter board so once you get your project going, you can solder it up to make a more robust permanent version.



We have an option above that allows you to select if you would like to get your kit with a micro:bit included or not.


Note: We wanted to have a project guide ready to ship with this pack, but we don’t have it back from the Printers yet (or even sent to the printers yet!), so these kits wont include a guide for the time being. So, we are looking for cool project ideas to include in the guide when we write it. Feel free to send us a link to your projects, if we include it (or a variation of it) in our guide – there will be some cool things heading your way. (disclaimer: “cool things” might mean haribo).

In the meantime, if you need any advice on how to use your micro:bit, drop an email or give our tech support team a call and they will be able to help.

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