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Recorder Soldering Kit

Recorder Soldering Kit
 Recorder Soldering KitRecorder Soldering Kit 
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This is a fun little soldering kit, designed for easy assembly, and is great for the beginner who wants to learn soldering, or seasoned solderer just wanting a fun project to build.


The though hole soldering kit includes everything you need to complete the assembly of the musical instrument (except a soldering iron, solder & wire cutters). When completed, it will give you a fun, working 'Recorder style' instrument (Remember them from school). The kit should only take around 10 - 30 minutes to assemble depending on experience, and should allow beginners time to 'get their eye in' during the assembly. The design is very forgiving, and should allow even the most inexperienced solderer to build a working unit.


The micro-controller supplied has already been programmed with the code, and we supply the code HERE for you to modify if you want (You will need a programmer compatible with the ATTINY85 to upload the code).


You can play the instrument by blowing on the microphone while pressing the buttons to generate a tone, or you can press and hold the 'C' button closest to the buzzer when you turn it on (Hold until you hear a tone) to put the instrument into piano mode, where you can just press a button to generate a tone.


HERE is the schematic for the board, and shows the way we read 8 buttons on 1 pin, as well as how to hook up the electret microphone to the chip.

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