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RFduino - Relay Shield
RFduino - Relay ShieldRFduino - Relay ShieldRFduino - Relay ShieldRFduino - Relay Shield

RFduino - Relay Shield

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SKU:  PPDEV-13218
Part Number:  DEV-13218
Brand:  SparkFun
Platform:  Arduino / Genuino

This is the RFduino Relay Shield, a beefy add-on board that allows your RFduino to control higher voltage and current loads through 2 relays. This shield provides great support of RFduino projects that require high power consumption or distribution. Like the rest of the RFduino product line this shield can attach anywhere on your stack and still provide you with a reliable connection.

The Relay Shield provides two SPDT, independently controlled relays with a max voltage and current of 12VDC at 1A.


  • Max Voltage: 12VDC
  • Max Current: 1A
  • 2 SPDT Relay Outputs


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