Proto-Pic are an Authorised UK Distributor of SparkFun Electronics.

SparkFun Electronics are based in Colorado in the US and are industry leaders in making electronics available to the masses. By creating breakout boards for common components, it means that you can quickly prototype using complex chips without having to worry about lots of the wiring. Where needed, they even provide Arduino libraries for these components, so you dont even have to worry about writing large chunks of code.

We sell EVERY SINGLE sparkfun item (where its legal, some radio frequency bands are prohibited). if you have something that you want and we dont show it, then its a mistake - let us know. If we are out of stock of something, we will show this on the product page. But dont worry, the other great thing about SparkFun is their speed in shipping to us - if you buy something and we are out of stock, we can get it for you withink 3-5 days.

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2mm 10 Pin Xbee Socket

2mm 10 Pin Xbee Socket£0.54

2mm 10pin XBee Header

2mm 10pin XBee Header£0.54

2mm 10pin XBee Socket - SMD

2mm 10pin XBee Socket - SMD£0.77

2x3 Pin Shrouded Header

2x3 Pin Shrouded Header£0.82

2x5 Pin IDC Ribbon Cable

2x5 Pin IDC Ribbon Cable£1.52

4-Digit 7-Segment Display - Yellow

4-Digit 7-Segment Display - Yellow£1.52

433 MHz RF Link Receiver - 4800bps

433 MHz RF Link Receiver - 4800bps£4.58

434MHz RF Link Transmitter

434MHz RF Link Transmitter£4.62

5-way Tactile Switch

5-way Tactile Switch£1.52

6 Pin Right Angle Male SMD Header

6 Pin Right Angle Male SMD Header£0.90

6'' Digital Calipers

6" Digital Calipers£13.75

7-Segment Red 6.5'' Display

7-Segment Red 6.5" Display£15.28

7-Segment Red LED

7-Segment Red LED£0.84

7-Segment Serial Display - Red

7-Segment Serial Display - Red£13.75

8-bit Parallel-Ib/Serial-Out Shift Register - 74HC165N

8-bit Parallel-Ib/Serial-Out Shift Register - 74HC165N£1.44

The SN74HC165N is a neat little IC that will take an input of up to 8 parallel lines and produce a single, serial output.

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Page 8 of 55:    976 Items