Stock Levels

Our site shows live stock levels, to help you make an informed decision when buying from us.

Stock levels are important to check, as you may be buying something and choosing next day shipping at checkout. If we don't have it in stock - we cant ship it next day.

These stock levels are updated every 60 seconds and are shown on the product detail page and in your shopping cart.



This example shows that we have 15 items in stock, so if you need 15 or less, we can ship the same day. If need more than 15 then we can get them within 3-5 working days to our HQ so we can ship them to you.

Be aware that we don't show stock levels on the grid view of categories or on search results, as in the pic below:



So just in case you missed the stock levels, when you add to cart directly from these pages, we show them again on your shopping cart page before you checkout.