Educational Discounts

We offer 30-day accounts to all UK and Irish Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Please E-mail your purchase orders to .

*PO Value must be over £50 ex VAT


Student Discounts

Are you a College or University student based in the UK? Do you want to save some money? Of course, you do!

All you have to do is to fill out the contact form below letting us know your valid or .edu  email address and tell us which course you are doing.

Once we check your eligibility, we will then send you an email with a lovely Coupon Code entitling you to save 10% on the product prices of any future purchases made until the end of the summer term.


Please be sure to type your email address carefully, as its the one we will send the code to. It must also be the email address that you used to create your account with us. 

We regret that this can't be used for institutions who are buying on behalf of students, or by parents buying on behalf of their children. This must be used by the student themselves.

We regret that we cannot give discounts on any orders already placed.

This code will work in conjunction with free shipping offers AND loyalty points. Spend over £50 and you will see free shipping options appear at checkout, if you have loyalty points left you will see them too, so you can save quite a bit of your hard earned cash.

Have fun with your discount!

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