Trinket Standalone Programmer Board - ATtiny85
 Trinket Standalone Programmer Board - ATtiny85Trinket Standalone Programmer Board - ATtiny85 

Trinket Standalone Programmer Board - ATtiny85

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This Custom designed Kit is designed to program our ATTINY-85 Trinket standalone chip - It is easy to assemble and should only take around 10 minutes. We even include a Trinket Standalone Chip for you to start with.


This kit includes the PCB, and all the components required to assemble the programmer. The assembly instructions are available here : Assembly Instructions.

To upload your sketch, you just press 'UPLOAD' then tap the BOOT button on the programmer, the BOOT LED should start to fade up and down, this will go out when the upload is complete (Unless you are writing to digital pin 1 - if you write this high then the LED will light up).

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