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USB to TTL Serial Cable
USB to TTL Serial CableUSB to TTL Serial CableUSB to TTL Serial Cable

USB to TTL Serial Cable

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SKU:  PPCAB-12977
Part Number:  CAB-12977
Brand:  SparkFun
Application:  Satellite Communications
Logic Level:  3.3 Volt
Connector 1:  USB A - Male
Connector 2:  Female header

This is a USB to TTL Serial Cable which allows for a simple way to connect TTL interface devices to USB. The I/O pins of this cable are configured to operate at 3.3V specifically with a Raspberry Pi with each serial pin broken apart. Thanks to its separated pins, this cable is a perfect candidate for powering, connecting, and accessing the login and debug console on the Raspberry Pi.

The FTDI cable is designed around an FT232, which is housed in a USB-A connector. The other side of the cable is terminated with a separated 4-pin connector with the following pinout: RX (Yellow), TX (Orange), VCC (Red), and GND (Black). A link to the FTDI drivers can be found in the Documents section below.

Note: Please be aware that while the I/O pins in this cable operate at 3.3V, the VCC pin is 5V. The VCC pin is NOT 3.3V like the I/O pins.


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